postheadericon Winterization

Winterizations are a critical component of property preservation. Without proper attention, unoccupied properties could incur serious damage to their interiors, plumbing and fixtures during the frigid, winter months. routinely completes winterizations on dry, steam and radiant heat systems to prevent what could result in costly repairs. drains all of the water lines and use an air compressor to blow air through the system, ensuring that all of the water is removed.  Our contractors then drain the hot water tank and pressure test the system to check for possible leaks. All toilets are cleaned and flushed, and antifreeze is added to the bowl and tank.  Antifreeze is also added to all sink drains and traps.  Finally, we post stickers on all winterized parts of the property.  These stickers advise anyone entering the property that it has been winterized, and they contain the date of the winterization and contact information.

Whenever possible, the utilities at the property are turned off unless a sump pump is present, in which case the electricity must remain on.  All services completed during the winterization are reported to the client with supporting photos provided for viewing.



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